How It Works?


A free assessment

We visit your property and assess the condition of your floors and their previous treatment.

We will discuss the kind of floor you want, the amount of traffic it will bear – and the degree of aftercare you are prepared to undertake.

The choice of colours and finishes can prove bewildering for the uninitiated. With so many sealants – natural and
artificial – on the market, we will demonstrate their various qualities to help you choose those best suited to your needs.

To make the job as painless as possible, our work schedule will fit around your home or business needs. We work flexible hours – at weekends or through the night if necessary.


Fixed prices

To help you make the right choices within your budget, we have set prices for every task within the restoration process. Once we have devised the programme that meets your needs, you will receive a fixed quote. You will know exactly what you are paying – with no nasty surprises.


On arrival at your property

Allow us at least a full day for each job – while large areas and multiple rooms will take several days. While we work, the area to be sanded must be kept free of heavy traffic. We will discuss the approximate timings with you during your free assessment.


Furniture removal

Furniture must be cleared from all areas before we start. Don’t let this put you off. Allow us to move it for you. You’ll not only spare your back – don’t take the chance of damaging your new floor when you replace heavy items.



Taking up heavy, old carpets can be an awkward and messy job. Removing staples can prove tricky without the right tools – and you also have to find a means of carpet disposal.

Make things easier for yourself. Ask us to remove your carpets and dispose of them.


Minimal dust and disruption

Floor sanding is a dusty and noisy job – and disruptive. Traditional drum sanders create a lot of dust. When it lingers in the atmosphere – sometimes for days – this is an undesirable environment for homes or businesses.

Wooden Floor Restoration Co. work to keep dust to a minimum. We use modern continuous belt sanding machines with a unique dust collection system. When each room is sanded, the dust is extracted into collection bags that remain outside the room.

We also mask doors and windows – and vacuum frequently.


Attention to detail

Fiddly corners and awkward-shaped rooms are no obstacle to our sanding team. We use edging sanders and fine hand tools to get right into the corners.

We can remove old concrete fire hearths and replace them with new flooring. And if your floor has residues of black bitumen? Any ugly ‘Victorian’ coatings are easily dealt with by our machines. They remove every last trace.


The extra mile

With such a great variety of wooding flooring used over the centuries in the UK, it can be a challenge to find matching timber. Yet we always want to give you the perfect floor.

We source flooring from our network of reclaimed timber suppliers. An example came from our work in an office in London. With areas missing from its 1930s parquet floors, we were unable to find the right blocks within the capital.

After enquiring further afield, we identified appropriate parquet blocks from an old mews demolition in Nottingham.

But as the blocks were three inches thick – we had to saw each one in half. After fitting them and finishing the floor with three coats of hard wax oil, the company was delighted. Their staff now enjoy a fine period floor as a complement to their modern glass-partitioned offices.


Sounds easy enough – I’ll have a go myself!

Hire shops will hire you a machine for the weekend. After a few minutes ‘training’, you take it home. And then need to call on a muscular friend to help you carry it into the house.

These old drum sanders are cumbersome… and tricky to manoeuvre. You’ll find it hard to sand evenly and may get ugly clatter marks on your floor. So you sand again… and it’s still not looking good. But be careful, take off too many layers of wood and stains or sealants won’t adhere.

Did we mention the noise and the dust..? You’ll be amazed how far dust can penetrate despite your best efforts at screening off the next room.

So don’t be one of those who call on us to rectify the damage done to the floor. You’ll end up paying out more money – for a worse job than if you’d asked us first.

We’ll give you an assessment – and the right advice for your floor. You’ll save more than a few pounds. If you value your back, not to mention your relationship, call us for your free assessment.

Don’t take chances – call in the professionals